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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Mobco website. The following are the terms, conditions and laws that govern your use of
Mobco web pages and all pages, links and tools. Your use of Mobco is a statement of your acceptance of the
terms and conditions of the use agreement and registration of Mobco which contains all the details
included and is an affirmation of your compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the
use and registration of Mobco website.


The legal age of those over the age of 18 years to be able to purchase goods in the country of residence.
MOPCO may cancel the membership of a person who has not exceeded the legal age with the obligation to
liquidate his financial accounts upon the cancellation of membership.
Ability to provide the address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the country of residence to deliver the
No person shall be entitled to use the Site if its membership is canceled by Mobco Trading Company.
You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing e-commerce.
No member may open two accounts at any time for any reason. The management of the site has the right to
freeze the accounts or cancel one of them with the obligation to liquidate all financial obligations related to
the account before closing it.
All users must abide by and abide by the commercial contracts concluded with the members.

Accounts and Obligations of Registration:

When you apply for Mobco membership registration and use and access to the services, you are required to
disclose specific information and choose a user name and password to use when signing in to MOPCO.
When you activate membership, you become a member of the site and you agree to the following:
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password. You
hereby agree to Mobco notice immediately of any unauthorized use of your Account or any other breach of
your Confidential Information.
Mobco shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to you directly or indirectly, morally or
materially, as a result of the disclosure of the username or password.
You are responsible for the privacy of the governorate in terms of use of the Mobco commercial site with a
serious and credible and shall also be obliged in all cases to compensate Mobco Trading Company for any
direct or indirect damage to the safari market site as a result of any irregular or authorized use of your
account by you or by any Someone else who has obtained the keys to access your Mobco account whether
to perform services using your username and password, either on your own or without authorization.
You agree to disclose true, accurate, updated and complete information about yourself as required in the
registration data.
Do not include in the data or username any of the following details contact you as your e-mail address,
telephone numbers or any personal details, or the word Mobco

Mobco's website is committed to protecting your personal information and contacts with you in absolute

The obligation to maintain and maintain the registration data and permanent update to maintain true,
correct and complete, and if disclosed information is incorrect or incorrect or incomplete or incomplete or
contrary to the terms and conditions of the site of Mobco and thus the right to stop or determine the full Or
cancel your membership and your account on the Site, without prejudice to the rights of Mobco and its
legitimate means to recover its rights.
Mobco has the full will and at any time to conduct any investigation and review it deems necessary (directly
or through a third party) and requires you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to
prove your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments.
In the event that the applicant for registration is an enterprise or commercial company, you must provide us
with all information and documents required, including your valid commercial license or other documents
of the institution or company or documents or authorization showing the responsibility of any person acting
on your behalf.
In the event of breach or failure to comply with any of the above, the management of Mobco's commercial
site has the full right to suspend, freeze or cancel your membership and to block you from Mobco's website.
We also reserve the right to cancel any unverified and unverified accounts, operations or accounts that have
been long past inactive. 

Electronic Communications:

You agree that you will be contacted via e-mail, or by posting promotional advertisements on the Mobco
website, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications you provide
electronically to serve as written correspondents are in compliance with legal regulations and requirements.
The Safari Market website will send promotional emails during the period of your membership to inform
you of any changes, procedures or new promotional activities that may be added to the site.

You have full eligibility as a user by canceling the receipt of promotional and promotional e-mails and you
can cancel them when you click not to receive e-mails at the bottom of the e-mails.

Amendment to Terms and Conditions:

You agree that Mobco Management Site will notify you of any amendment to the terms and conditions
agreement, whereby your obligations will be multiplied or your rights will be reduced in accordance with
any amendments or procedures that may be made or added to the Terms and Conditions Terms of Mobco
Terms and Conditions.
You agree that Mobco has the sole authority and without the legal and statutory responsibility to make any
fundamental or consequential amendments to this Agreement without requiring additional approval from
you, at any time and with immediate effect, by posting an announcement of the amendment to Mobco.
It is known to the user that Mobco is a website through which the goods are sold between Mobco and
registered buyers.
Membership in Mobco is free.
Mobco Commercial Site charges shipping and delivery charges to the buyers, which is SR 22 payable upon
MOPCO has the right to make any changes to shipping and delivery charges as it deems appropriate. Any
amendment will be notified by notification to your e-mail or to MOPCO. The amendments may be
temporary or continuous, whether on fees or shipping or delivery services. To abide by its terms when it is
announced by us.

 All sellers are required to pay all fees due to the site within a maximum of 30 days after the completion of
any successful sale in Mobco

Security payment system for purchases in Mobco:

Payment system on Mobco's website that payment for the purchase of products through Mobco is via the
electronic platform entirely through the payment options available on Mobco which is the next payment
system paid by SADAD and through credit cards or through any payment method found in Mobco.
The provision of Mobco online payment service through our electronic website is available for the purpose
of facilitating and maintaining the rights of users.
All prices on the products offered in Mobco are estimated at market value.
Mobco Trading Company has the right to cancel any purchase order as a result of technical or technical error
in the site, which led to the difference in the prices displayed on the site about the value of the market
product, including the loss of Mobco and its suppliers, and does not take responsibility for the amounts paid
for the products due to error or failure And which have been paid by one of the payment methods available
on the site or by any methods customary to deal with the site and the customer the right to claim the
amount methods mentioned in these terms and conditions.
All fees are calculated in the local currency of the country where you registered ...

Your personal information and process details:

The User agrees to grant Mobco the unlimited, universal, irrevocable and irrevocable right to be exempted
from expenses, licensed to use personal information or materials, etc., provided to us by the Site and / or
announced to Mobco through registration, purchase, Forms for communication and registration, or through

any e-mail or any of the communication channels available at Mobco. In order to operate and promote the
site in accordance with the disclaimer and privacy statement.
You are the sole user responsible for any information you send or publish and the role of the site is limited
to allowing you to display this information on the pages of the site and through its advertising channels.

Undertake and declare and commit to you:

 You agree that you will abide by all and all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as
all applicable terms and conditions regarding the use of the Mobco Website
Post comments, information or answers that are in an abnormal situation, insult cultures, racist comments,
or other offensive comments.


All contents, information and data contained in the Mobco Web Site, including but not limited to text,
graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, audio tracks, digital loads, data collected and electronic
programs are the property and rights reserved to Mobco or its users. These content and the envoys are
protected from copyrighted copyright, trademarks, intellectual property rights and laws.


 Mobco trademarks, logos and logos, and other words and logos on Mopco's website, are protected by the
rights and property laws of other international, local and intellectual brands.
Damage to the Mobco site
Any violations or problems of the Mobco User Agreement shall be notified and notified.

If you suspect that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, take our risk to take legal action at
If any violations of intellectual property or legal rights have been established, Mopco shall have the right to
suspend membership and take the necessary action.

Buyer Protection and Return Policy:

Of Mobco priority to protect and protect the rights of buyers, with the aim of assisting buyers to ensure that
their purchases are received.
In the event that the buyer purchases goods through one of the payment methods available on the MOPCO
website, does not receive the products or receives the wrong products or differs from the specifications
offered on the product display page, then the buyer should not receive or retrieve the goods.
The buyer must check his purchases before receiving to make sure they are sound and identical to what was
purchased from Mobco.
Any damage to the product without misuse, contact the customer service at Mobco to return the product or
replace it according to the terms and conditions of the site.

Warranty Policy in Safari Market:

Under the warranty provided by Mobco on certain products for which warranty is provided, the Company
shall ensure the repair of defective products within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the products
in the warehouse. If we can not repair them during the working period, we shall refund all the cash amounts
Approval and cancellation of applications at MOPCO website

MOPCO reserves the full right to approve and cancel orders for any reason. We will ask the buyer to provide
additional information not only the telephone number or address, but also information about the payment
method and the requirements attached to it, and MOPCO may cancel the application if the buyer fails to
respond to Telephone calls to be confirmed by the management of Mobco or service providers as shipping
companies and is not entitled to claim the site Mobco to confirm the request after cancellation or request
for re-transmission after being returned by the service provider.
All orders required to pay for delivery are not binding on Mobco website until it is confirmed by the site.
MOPCO may cancel unsolicited orders within 15 days or more from the date of purchase.

Responsibility of Mobco website:

Mobco is an electronic platform that allows users to easily shop and interact to buy and sell products.
MOPCO shall not be liable for any unsatisfactory or late performance by the service providers as the
shipping companies, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays due to goods unavailable or delayed
The Site shall not bear any material claims that may arise by mistake or omission, whether obtained by third
parties or third parties.
Mobco excludes from its guarantees and terms and conditions financial losses, defamation of reputation,
and any special damages resulting from your misuse or inability to use the site, and the site does not
assume any responsibilities or claims in such cases.


10. Mobco Trading Company is not required to mediate or resolve any disputes or disputes between users.


Mobco Trading Company provides standards with concrete, regulatory and technical features of very high
standards to protect against the unauthorized access and preservation of your personal identity. Knowing
that the Internet is not a safe way, your confidential personal information can not be 100% guaranteed.
The Site does not have the power to control the actions of any third party, such as other web pages linked
to this site, or third parties claiming to represent you and represent others. You also agree that Mobco shall
use your information provided for the purpose of providing the Services to you on Mobco website and to
send marketing messages The MOPCO Privacy Agreement regulates and controls the transfer and use of
personal information.
Mobco will provide you with your mobile phone and e-mail contact information for the second party to
complete the transaction until communication between the parties is completed for the purpose of
completing the shipping, delivery and payment process.

Revocation Agreement Terms and Conditions:

In accordance with the agreement of regulations, conditions and legal provisions, and under the law, we
may resort to limiting your activity, temporary or permanent suspension, withdrawing or canceling your
offers, canceling your membership, and / or limiting your access to the site without harming your other
rights and legitimate means of recovering your rights in case :
If the terms and conditions agreement is violated for use.
If Mobco can not document any of your information submitted to it.
If the site management decides that your activities may cause you or other users and Mobco legal problems.
Mobco may, according to its assessment and study, resort to re-activating the activity of the suspended
users. The user who has permanently suspended or withdrawn his membership may not be able to register
or attempt to register on the Site or use the Website in any way whatsoever. You are entitled to recover any
amounts due to you and any losses and damages caused to Mobco, as well as the right to take the
necessary legal action and / or recourse to the courts. Domestic or international to raise a criminal case
against As Mobco deems appropriate.
Your breach of this Agreement by others or others does not obligate the Site to waive its right to take
appropriate action for such and other similar acts of violation. Mobco does not guarantee that it will take
action against all violations of the terms and conditions set forth above.


You agree to complete the purchase of the purchased products and pay their due value through the
payment methods provided by the site to its users.

Mobco has the right and the authority to refuse or cancel purchases, whether paid or not. The website is
committed to inform the customer within 3 business days of any available means of communication
through Mobco.
The buyer must pay the goods within three working days from the date of completion of the purchase. If
the payment is not completed, the transaction will be canceled automatically

You agree not to make false purchases on Mobco, or to use false names or any false personal information,
or to use a credit card for others without authorization to purchase, as the site has full right and authority to
take legal action to prosecute all fraudulent This type and more.

Feedback and feedback information:

Mobco encourages and encourages buyers on the site to submit and evaluate their products following the
completion of the purchase process. This will assist customers to identify potential sellers. Your feedback
and evaluation will be displayed with the user's identity on the site. You agree not to write back
information containing racist statements or detracting from the value. Cultural or other comments offensive
also prohibits the dissemination of promotional information for sales in other sites and if you continue to
submit your membership will be suspended from Mobco.

Cancel access and / or membership:

Without prejudice to its other rights and lawful means to recover its rights, Mopco may terminate, cancel or
freeze the membership and access to the Site at any time without prior notice and for any reason, without
limitation, and may also terminate this Usage Agreement.

Defining the responsibilities

As authorized and available in the Legal Systems, Mobco, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and
processors shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or malfunction that may arise from your
use of the Site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents, the answer is that you will not
continue to use the site. Furthermore, you agree that any unauthorized use of the site and its services, due
to your negligence, will cause harm to the site. Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


You agree to the security of Mobco and its directors, employees, agents and agents, and to protect them
from any damage caused by claims, material losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses arising out of your
breach of the Terms of Use, breach of any law, amendments or infringement of third party rights.

Conversion of rights and obligations:

The User agrees to grant Mobco the full right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations and
responsibilities to third parties working with it, without the need to return to you, in accordance with the
provisions of the terms and conditions clause. The Safari Market is committed to your risk of such transfers
if received and published on the site.

general information:

If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or void or for any reason no longer applicable, such paragraph
shall not invalidate the rest of the provisions of the Agreement. This Agreement (which is amended from
time to time as per its terms) sets forth the outline of understanding and agreement between you and
Mopco Trading Company: • No person who is not a party to this Agreement has the right to impose any
terms or conditions therein. • If the Terms and Conditions Agreement is translated for use in any other
language, whether on the Safari market or in other ways, the Arabic text remains the prevailing

Governing Law and Legislation:

The terms and conditions of the Terms of Use are governed by and are governed by the laws of the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia and are fully and fully subject to the laws of the courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This
paragraph is an alternative to be used in case the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions of the
Terms of Use Agreement are terminated or canceled for any reason.

Terms and Conditions of Guarantee:

The warranty is valid only if the product serial number is present. Mobco reserves the full right to cancel the
warranty if it is determined that the buyer has modified or removed the serial number of the product after
purchase. Upon the effectiveness of the warranty, Mobco obligations and obligations are to repair or
replace the damaged part of the product and to compensate the purchaser for the part or the total amount
paid by the buyer for the product and compensation according to the price of the product in the local
market. The maintenance covered by the guarantee must be done inside the maintenance center approved
by Mopco and that the attempt to maintain the goods outside this center leads to the cancellation of the
warranty in full and the site is not liable in any way for the buyer compensation for products affected by this
maintenance, Also, any claims or damages that may arise from maintenance outside MOPCO approved
maintenance centers must be performed at the MOPCO approved maintenance center and the warranty is
void if any type of maintenance is attempted outside the approved centers. MOPCO is not responsible for
any Damages, damages or let Wei produces the product maintenance outside of the approved maintenance
center. The maintenance or replacement of products made in accordance with the terms and conditions of
the warranty is not and will not be considered or lead to the renewal of the warranty period. Maintenance
or replacement shall not in any way be considered a renewal of the warranty period granted to the buyer
with the product. Mopco's warranty does not cover any of the cases where product damage is found to be a
design error, material or any other manufacturing or other defects. 

The following shall be excluded from the sponsorship:

Periodic inspection, general maintenance, repair and replacement of parts of products that are disrupted by
the normal use of goods, as well as other consumer parts such as batteries, cables, headphones, lights and
other parts of the item that are consumed normally.
Misuse, which includes, but is not limited to, malfunctions caused by the buyer not knowing the right way
to operate the product, or attempting to operate it in contravention of Mobco or manufacturer's policy, as
well as the faults caused by using any unauthorized accessories to be used with the product .
Any malfunction arising as a result of a fault in installation or installation results in a breach of the
instructions contained in the user's manual or those granted by the site to the buyer when purchasing the
All malfunctions caused by various accidents such as lightning, death and death, floods, civil disturbances or
other causes that are beyond the control of the Mobco site and can not be controlled.
Faults caused by product modifications to suit international or local standards in all areas where the
products are sold were not originally designed to operate.
Battery failures caused by excessive charging or any other reasons where the general instructions for use in
the user's manual have been violated, and the buyer has cleared, removed or modified the serial number of
the product or if the serial number of the product can not be read.
Battery failures caused by the use of chargers that are incompatible with products or that are not approved
to work with the product by the manufacturer of the product, or if there is a break or tampering with parts
of the battery