Rules of the programme:
General terms and conditions :-
KHOSOMATI programme is a bonus programme operated by Mobco And its affiliates ( hereinafter referred to as “ Mobco Group “ ). As a member you will be rewarded when you buy from Mobco's participating stores or outlets .( hereinafter referred to as “ participating ports “ )when you show your own KHOSOMATI membership card on buying . Mobco can also share a financier or more per goods and services and let them take part in the programme from Time to time , that includes open – ended bank and financial services ,institution services , hotel services and comfort services to introduce service ( with/ or )A good to programme members ( known later as “ programme partners “ ) .These terms and conditions related to membership and gaining the value of gained Points according to the programme on its going ahead and the direct discounts Related to the categories .

1-Mobco reserves the right to withdraw or cancel all KHOSOMATI membership cards and refusing to get back the value of the gained points as a result to inroad any of these terms and conditions or not to pay the value of purchases without last announcement .

2- Using your KHOSOMATI card membership at any loophole of the programme partners to win points , you automatically accept the programme and Its terms and conditions that can be changed from time to time .

3-Your membership in the programme can be cancelled if you are a part in an illegal operation reasonably or unreasonably without announcing .your membership also can be cancelled if you are a part in a misuse operation to your KHOSOMATI card .In case of this , all points in your membership account will be cancelled and you can't restore them again .

4-Mobco has the right to alter or stop the programme , change or cancel any conditions or provisions according to its rating and without giving any reasons at any time .Mobco has the right to stop a membership ( current or new ) temporarily or from time to time according to Mobco's action . Mobco will struggle to renew this and add accurate information on its website . You are responsible for reading these items and conditions carefully . Your accept to continue your membership is an accept to commit all the items and conditions .

5-The advantages and the offers the programme introduce can be changed or cancelled without last announcing . Mobco will be irresponsible of these steps.

6-Mobco has the right to alter the way of gaining the points or retrieval their value including the number and the value of the points . you will be announced of these changes .

7-You are responsible of notifying KHOSOMATI membership service centre About any change of your address or contact ways .

8-Mobco won’t be responsible for any illegal use to your KHOSOMATI membership card as you are responsible for keeping your card safe all time .

9-You are the responsible for losing , damage or stoling your card and you have to announce immediately KHOSOMATI membership service centre of that .250 points will be discounted automatically from your account for the emission of an alternative card . If you don’t have 500 points , you will be lent and that will be discounted from your account later .

10-Any losing or misusing for your card ( or cards ) will be your personal Responsibility . Mobco won’t be responsible for that . You have to announce Immediately on the electronic website or calling KHOSOMATI membership Service centre so that will be suspension to the card in 96 hours to prevent any illicit use to the card . you will get a new card with new membership number .

11-In case of getting benefits , advantages or arrangements to the member whether by Mobco or the programme partners , the member will be personally responsible for all costs , taxes , extra values , outlays ,demands or commitments of provisions these benefits , advantages or arrangements .

12-Participating in the programme , you introduce Mobco your unconditional acceptance to add , keep and use the information found in the request membership form or your other personal Information including – without limitation – your email , address phone numbers , date birth and your deals .

For the following purposes :-

-To make sure of the programme efficiency & worth and Restoration the points value .
-To introduce information about KHOSOMATI programme.
-To develop and introduce new services.
-Accounting and the financial audit .
-Shopping & market researches and analysis.
-Transparency legally.
-To know and get offers , services , products and advantages From Mobco or the programme partners .
-Help in planning , developing and running the programme.
-Sharing the programme partners and allow them to use and Keep your information for any purpose and contacting you Directly regarding to the programme .Your acceptance will continue until you cancel it in a written warning to KHOSOMATI membership service centre . Not acceptance means not Continuing the service for you and enabling Mobco to cancel your membership Individually .

13-On Mobco 's confirmation that services , benefits and arrangements to members are continuing and available , Mobco will be irresponsible for losses or damages directly or indirectly .

14-In case that the member requests using or getting services , benefits, advantages or arrangements . Then he will subject to all the items and the special conditions above .

15-Mobco won’t be legally responsible for any loss or damage directly or indirectly as a result for cancelling or changing in the programme .or Any available advantages , benefits or arrangements for members , including Without limit cancellation the programme partners and cancellation or affirmation Any of these services , benefits or advantages .

16-These conditions and provisions are ruled by the country laws where Mobco Membership card is issued . Any conflict can be referred to this country courts .

17-Conditions and provisions published from time to time on the electronic website here about the programme .

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